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NOS Wet System for 1986-1995 5.0L Ford Mustang

Adds up to 300 Horsepower!

The NOS Big Shot plate system has been used with great success by many of the nation's premier 5.0 racers. The nitrous plate installs between the upper and lower manifold sections and the dose of fuel and nitrous delivered to the intake tract is highly atomized for instantaneous power.

Systems are available to fit the standard 5.0 manifold, factory GT40, Holley SysteMAX and Edelbrock.

Big Shot for Stock 5.0 Manifold:
P/N 02115NOS
Our Discount Price:

Big Shot for GT40 Manifold:
P/N 02116NOS
Our Discount Price:
Big Shot for Edelbrock RPM and Performer:
P/N 02117NOS
Our Discount Price:

Big Shot for Holley SysteMAX Manifold:
P/N 02119NOS
Our Discount Price:

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