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NOS Dry System for 1986-1995 5.0L Ford Mustang

The entry level, or "Stage I" system is available under P/N 05115NOS.
This is the basic "dry" system that injects nitrous into the intake tract and the extra fuel is delivered by the EFI system. It will produce a conservative 75 extra horsepower.

For more power, the "Stage II" package is available under P/N 05115-2NOS.
This includes a special high performance fuel pump to supply the required additional fuel. It does this by substantially increasing the pressure, which in turn provides for a much more dense air and fuel mixture. Power is effectively doubled, to 150 horsepower.

"Dual Stage" systems are also available. These feature multiple solenoids and inject the nitrous/fuel mixture in stages. Through this incremental application of power, it is often possible to achieve quicker elapsed times due to not overpowering the chassis/tire combo on the launch. NOSŪ "Dual Stage" systems allow the full application of power downstream, where it can more effectively be accommodated by the vehicle.

Non-California Stage 1:
P/N 05115NOS
Our Discount Price:

California EO #D-266 Stage 1:
P/N 05115-EONOS
Our Discount Price:
Non-California Stage 2:
P/N 05115-2NOS
Our Discount Price:

California EO #D-266 Stage 2:
P/N 05115-2-EONOS
Our Discount Price:
Stage 2 "Dual Stage":
P/N 05415NOS
Our Discount Price:

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