The Racers Edge Performance Ford 306/331/347 Sportsman 9 Second Short Block

4340 H Beam Rod

4340 Light Weight I Beam Rod

4340 Ultra Light Weight I Beam Rod


306/331/347 Sportsman 9 second Short Block: $3395

Our 306/331/347 Sporstman Short Block is designed for 600-750hp vehicles looking for a strong foundation for big horsepower. This short block is balanced to 28oz and ready for your big horsepower street or race car. The extra strength of this setup relies upon a 4340 forged steel crankshaft and set of 4340 forged steel H beam rods along with the roller ready FRPP Sportsman 302 block. This block adds 100-150hp of strength over the 85-95 OEM roller blocks due to extra meat in the main webbing area. For lighter rotating assembly parts we also have high strength 4340 I beam rods, and Ultra light 4340 I beam rods for quick and high revving naturally aspirated engines. Don't hesitate to ask us about custom internal parts for your exact needs, wants, and application!

Block: .030 over TREperformance race prepped Sportsman roller block, clearanced for stroker crank

Crank: TREperformance forged steel 4340 3" crank for 306, 3.4" crankshaft for 347, 3.250" for 331 (balanced with the rest of the assembly to a 28oz imbalance)

Rods: TREperformance 4340 Forged H beam 5.09" for 306, 5.4" for 331, or 5.315" for 347

Bearings: Clevite P rod/main

Pistons: Probe SRS 2618-t6 high alloy lightweight forged pistons, Flat top (10.79:1 w/60cc), dish top (9.58:1 w/60cc), or blower dish top (9.01:1 w/60cc, 8.67:1 w/64cc), very light and strong for high boost or nitrous setups with large valve reliefs for healthy camshafts

Rings: Speed Pro high performance moly

306/331/347 Sportsman 9 second Short Block Options:

TREperformance 4340 forged light weight I beam rods (same or a little stronger than H beams) Add - $50
TREperformance 4340 forged ultra light weight I beam rods (recommended for n/a setups only to 850hp) Add - $100
Clevite H series race rod/main bearings Add - $150
TREperformance 3/8" steel main girdle installed with ARP studs Add - $199
TREperformance SFI legal all steel balancer Add - $179
Romac SFI high performance steel balancer Add - $319
Romac SFI lightweight steel/aluminum balancer Add - $349

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