The Racers Edge Performance Ford 306 Street Short Block

FRS 302 Dish Piston

306 Street Short Block w/FRS upgrade, cam, FRPP lifters and spider

Speed Pro Skirt Coated Hyperuetectic Piston

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306 Street Short Block: $995

The 306 Street Short Block is perfect for stock type rebuilds, formidable heads/cam equiped steet cars, or will work great with mild boost or nitrous use. Check out the piston options for forged pistons and for low compression option. This is designed as a low cost performance replacement short block for your tired roller 302 engine. Don't hesitate to ask us about custom internal parts for your exact needs, wants, and application!

Block: .030 over TREperformance roller 302 block

Crank: TREperformance production crankshaft, thermal cleaned, shot-peened, Magna Fluxed, precision ground, oil scooped and chamfered

Rods: Factory forgings 5.09" (CNC Diamond resized and fitted with ARP Wave Loc rod bolts +$90)

Bearings: king rod/main

Pistons: Speed-Pro skirt coated hypereutectic (ok with mild boost (10psi and less, or 150hp or less nitrous), 9:1 w/58cc, 8.8:1 w/60cc, 8.5:1 w/64cc (or FORGED Probe FRS flat top or dish pistons priced at +$175/+$200 respectively)

Rings: Sealed Power/ Speed-Pro iron rings (Moly +$40)

306 Street Short Block Options:

Factory I beam rods CNC Diamond resized and fitted with ARP Wave Loc rod bolts Add - $90
Probe FRS forged flat top pistons (9.64:1 w/60cc head) Add - $175
Probe FRS forged dish pistons (8.76:1 w/60cc head perfect for boost) Add - $200
Clevite H series race rod/main bearings Add - $150
Moly rings Add - $40
TREperformance 3/8" steel main girdle installed with ARP studs Add - $199
TREperformance SFI legal All Steel Harmonic Balancer Add - $99
TREperformance Street Balancer Add - $69
Romac SFI high performance steel balancer Add - $319
Romac SFI lightweight steel/aluminum balancer Add - $349

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351 Based Short Blocks:

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