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TREperformance Short Blocks/Long Blocks

Please review our Ordering Information section before placing your order.

302 Based Short Blocks:

306 Street Short Block 306 Performance Short Block 306/331/347 Sportsman 9 second Short Block
347 Street Short Block 331/347 Performance Short Block 306/331/347 Race 8 second Dart Short Block

351 Based Short Blocks:

357w Street Short Block 408w Street Short Block
351w Stroker Performance 9 second Short Block 351w Stroker 8 second Dart Short Block


TREperformance Short Block Specifications:

Block: Our blocks are hand picked then thermal cleaned, stress relieved, Magna Fluxed, threads are chased, mains are checked and corrected, and the decks are squared and equalized. The block is then precision bored and torque plate honed to proper finish. Finally freeze plugs and cam bearings are then installed.

Assembly: All short blocks are professionally assembled with care to ensure your race/street motor performs above and beyond your expectations.

TREperformance Long Block Specifications:

PARTS: We will set you up with any type of long block you need, whether you have certain parts requirements, or are looking for a certain horsepower or track time number, we will be glad to put a combination together for you that will fit your needs! We do this and will check and ASSEMBLE everything AT NO CHARGE over the cost of parts!

ASSEMBLY: We take the utmost care to verify that all the parts for your engine are in top condition and make sure that you get the right lash setting for your camshaft. We also verify that you get the correct pushrods and other supporting parts for your application to guarantee its effectiveness for your needs. We guarantee our work to be top quality, and stand by our product!

Short Block and Long Block Shipping Info:

We use Forward Air ( for most of our shipments due to the low price they have for terminal to terminal shipping. This will require you to go to their shipping terminal to pickup your goods. They will load the pallet into your truck for you, but you must have a truck to pick up (or rent one). Please view their site to see if one of their terminals is close enough for you. We offer a flat rate shipping charge for all our short blocks and long blocks. All 302 based short blocks are $200 shipped (including crating costs) and long blocks are $230. All 351w based short blocks are $250 shipped (including crating costs) and long blocks are $280. There is NO SHIPPING CHARGE for extra items shipped with your long or short block! Shipping to a business WITH a loading dock is an additional $100 for short blocks, and $120 for long blocks. Shipping to a residence is an aditional $250 for either product type.